sivasoft interview questions

sivasoft interview questions


Interview Question On Digital Marketing :

1. How Would you define Digital Marketing ?
A. The process of reaching out & engaging with your customers or users through digital media, i.e. through internet, emails, mobiles or any other digital media device.

2. In what ways can you categorize the term Digital Marketing ?
A. 1. Inbound Marketing 2. Outbound Marketing.

3. Why is Online Marketing preffered over Offline Marketing ?
A. 1.Extraordinary lead generation as compared to very expensive offline marketing.
2.Can reach a huge and diverse audience online.
3.Easy to make correction in live campaigns in Digital Marketing in real-time.
4.Everything is measurable and track-able in Digital Marketing.

4. What do you mean by a Responsive Website ?
A. Responsive website refers to a site created using Responsive Web Design(RWD) which is fast and compatible with multiple devices and browsers.

5. What is Digital Marketing ?
A. Digital Marketing denotes any marketing activity done online. It points to brand marketing tactics done through internet. Besides, it involves techniques like,

1. SEM(Search Engine Marketing)
2. SEO(Search Engine Optimization)
3. SMM(Social Media Marketing)
4. Web Analytics
5. Email Marketing and
6. Content Marketing

6. Are you aware about AMP ?
A. Yea, Accelerated Mobile Pages Project was announced by Google in October, 2015 and was being rolled out through 2016. It enables pages to load quickly on mobile devices.

7. What is SEO ?
A. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is a technique to increase the quality of traffic to your website. This is possible through organic search engine results.

8. Explain what is keyword Streaming ?
A. Keyword Streaming means analyzing the related keywords and pick the best keyword for the website based on its target, in order to generate organic traffics and leads within the keywords.

9. What is the most effective way to increase traffic to a website ?
A. 1. Provide good user experince 2. Build referral links.

10. Mention some of the useful Digital Marketing tools ?
A. Some of the useful Digital Marketing tools are,

1. SEMrush
2. Google Alert
3. Google Trends
4. Google Analytics
5. Submit Express Link Popularity
6. Open Site Explorer
7. Keyword discovery
8. Digital point keyword tracker
9. StumbleUpon
10. Favicon generator
11. Crazy egg heatmaps and
12. XML Sitemap generator

11. What steps should be taken if your ad gets disapproved ?
A. If your ad gets disapproved, analyze the reason for disapproval. Solve the issue. You have to wait for the approval status after editing.

12. What are the areas to utilize your keywords to optimize website ranking ?
A. For better ranking, you have to place keywords in the following :

1. Website Title
2. Mega Tag
3. Website URL
4. Headings and
5. Web page content

13. What is Google Adwords Remarketing ?
A. A form of online advertising that enables sites to show targeted ads to users who have already visited their site.

14. What are the limitations of Online Marketing ?
A. 1.Intense Competition 2.Can get Overwhelming

15. What is Google Adwords ?
A. Google Adwords is an advertising service build by Google. Businesses use this to display ads on Google and its advertising network. It is the single most famous PPC advertising system in the world. It allows businesses to set a budget for advertisement. Payments happen upon people clicking the ads. Advertising service focuses on keywords.

16. Name some Google AdWords ad extensions ?
A. 1.Call extensions
2.Callout Extension
3.Promote extension
4.Structured snippet extension
5.Sitelink extension
6.Affiliate locate extension
7.App extension

17. What qualities should an effective PPC contain ?
A. The effective qualities are,
    1. Expansive

PPC is iterative. So the keyword list needs to be growing and adapting.
    2. Relevance

List out the targeted keywords.
    3. Exhaustive

Apart from the most essential keywords, it should cover the "long tail of search".

18. How can you improve conversion rates?
A. In online marketing, the conversation rate is the ratio of total visitors to the visitors who perform desired actions.
Internet businesses measure successful conversions differently.
It relies largely on the nature of their business and goals. Increase in conversion rates is achieved by testing different site elements, especially on a landing page. You can also experiment with layout, functionality, and style on landing pages.

19. What constitutes "bad links" ?
A. The following constitute bad links,

> The spammy links from blogs
> The links from websites non-indexed in Google
> Pain links 
> The links from Low Page Rank and Low traffic 
> The links from websites that are irrelevent to your sites
> The links from link exchanges
> A link from the same anchor texts coming from various websites.

20. What is the difference between branding and Dirent marketing ?
A. Branding :
An advertiser exposes his brand on major sites and applications. This reach a large audience. Some popular methods are,
1. Custom ads
2. Youtube ads
3. Remarketing and
4. Display ads target

Direct marketing :
The advertiser shows interest to communicate with the target audience. The most common campaigns are,
1. Dynamic search ads
2. Shopping ads
3. Search network only 

21. What is on-page optimization and off-page optimization ?
A. On page optimization directly handles with the structure and content of a site whereas off page optimization boosts the search engine ranking by fetching external links to point back to it.

22. Name some channels to promote digital marketing ?
A. 1.Affiliated Marketing
2.Email Marketing
3.Display Marketing
4.Search Marketing
5.Social Media
6.Social Networking
7.Social Marketing
8.Online PR
9.Video Advertising

23. How relevant are digital marketing certification ?
A. Getting Digital Marketing Certification will help you to gain and enhance your authorization at the professional level over the subject. It helps to establish knowledge and skill for digital marketing. You can take this as an advantage to gain more opportunities to work at the highly professional organization.

24. Can Social Media Marketing Really help my business ?
A. Most definitely! It's been proven again and again by business after business. In fact, not utilizing social media marketing can actually harm your business, since having an online presence on social media is simple expected of any reputable firm these days.

25. How should companies measure their social media marketing success ?
A. Success is measured using the same metrics you use for other marketing activity : traffic, leads, and customers. Counting the number of fans or followers you have can help you understand your social media reach, but the bottom line that determines its success is how many people it drives to your site,how many of them are qualified leads, and how many of them actually become customers.

26. Does My Company Really Need A Blog For Social Media Marketing?
A. Yes! A blog is one of those non-negotiable. Apart from all of the benefits it provides on its own, such as increasing your credibility as an industry expert, and providing fresh, keyword rich content on a regular basis to please the search engines, a blog is a vital component of social media marketing.
One of the most effecive types of content to post on social media is a link to a blog post. Without fresh blog posts being shared on a regular basis, you won’t have nearly as much to talk about with your fans, and you won’t be driving as much traffic to your site, either.   

27. Mention what are the primary models for determining Pay-Per-Click ?
A. 1. Flat Rate PPC :
In this type of model, both publisher and advertiser agree to a fixed amount that will be paid for each click. In most time, the publisher has a rate card for PPC plan based on different areas of their website or network. The amount varies as per the content that generally attracts more or less people.

2. Bid Based PPC :
In this type of model, the advertiser competes with other advertiser in a private auction hosted by the publisher. The advertiser will inform publisher for the maximum amount of bid he is willing to pay.

28. How should we be using Facebook for Marketing ?
A. Facebook is the social media platform of choice for over a billion people worldwide. Use it to connect and interact with your audience, and to share your content in a way that encourages your fans to share it as well.

29. What do you mean by Spider ?
A. Most of the search engines use program called Spider to index websites. Spider follow hyperlinks and collect textual and meta information for search engine databases. It may rate the content being indexed to help the search engine determine relevency levels to a search.

30. What is cloaking ?
A. Cloaking is a technique used in Black Hat SEO. It enables to create two different types of pages, where the page content is presented to search engine spider.

31. What is the difference between SEO and SEM ?
A. SEO :
SEO enables your website to appear in search engine result pages (SERPs).

SEM is search engine marketing to purchase a space in search engine result page.

32. How Should we be using Twitter for Marketing? 
A. Twitter has over 313 million users, and is ideal for sharing your content and connecting with other influencers in your industry.

33. Is Youtube important for Marketing?
A. Videos are becoming more and more important in the world of social media marketing. YouTube gets over 4 billion views per day! Promote your brand’s image through a video, let your audience have a peek behind the scenes at your business, or make a how-to video.

34. How would you improve the Pagerank of a Page ?
A. The Pagerank of a page improves by building backlinks. It is done through authority sites and high reanking web sites.

35. What do you meant by 301 redirects ?
A. A 301 redirect is a process of reporting web browsers and search engines that a web page or site has been permanently moved to a new location. A 301 redirect include the address to which the resource has been moved.

36. What is robots.txt ?
A. Robots.txt is a text file which is used to provide instructions to a search engine crawlers. The instruction is on the indexing and caching of a web page, domain, directory or a file of a website.

37. How should you use social media as a tool for customer service ?
A. Social media is a great tool for customer service. You can directly converse with the client. You can use analytics for their response. You can get influencers for greater interaction.

38. How do you improve the quality score of an ad ?
A. A quality score of an ad depends on the relevancy of keywords, ads, and quality of the landing page. Use keywords relevant to the landing page and create ads accordingly.

39. What is Email marketing ?
A. Email marketing utilizes electronic mail for advertising. You win customer confidence by building their trust in you. It encourages ‘repeat business.’

40. How do you measure social return on investment?
A. Analytics supports us to learn how social media posts are working. The fundamental rules are same such as, likes, clicks, shares, etc. We can use conversion measurement tool on Facebook and Optimized CPM.

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